Venalsol® is a model en la lighting. Since its beginnings count whit an excellent engineering department that always provide the solution more suitable to our clients. We realize lighting projects through specialised software and we have production lines in Spain, where the products that we send to our clients are assembled and verification with the only objective of guarantee the quality and reliability.

Venalsol® counts with a broad experience on big industrial installation: evaluate, plan and supply. With reference installations with five years of career and without problems. Only in General Motors’ plant of Figueruelas ( Zaragoza), we provided more than 5000 250w Venalsol lights, where we obtain big energy savings. Our customers are always pleasantly surprised for the lighting result contributed.

Venalsol® counts with an I+D+i development department together with the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia, guarantee a full knowledge of the technologies that offer. We want to get the best electronic inside of every technology, guarantee the product lifetime. We research, developed and evaluate products in our laboratory, which enables an optimal streamlining and control of energy in the lighting.

CEO Venasol

Venalsol® Engineering

We propose each project according to your requirements, guiding you and studying what is your best option. We define the technology suitable taking into account the typology of the facilities, depending on: low, medium or high power. Our knowledge and experience in these technologies will offer you the most satisfactory comprehensive solution for your customers.


The quality of electronics is the most important value in our decision making, our products have to provide a high degree of durability, so for years we have channeled our effort through the university, its laboratories and its professionals, always choosing the option that provides the highest quality and reliability.


From the university within our R&D&I program, research is being carried out to improve the state of the art of each technology that we manufacture. In addition to providing patents for new, differentiated and exclusive products, it causes an enrichment of our knowledge in these technologies.


Assembling and checking the operation of each luminaire in our own production line, allows us to customize certain particular requirements of each project. We supply the fully finished luminaires with accessories that requires each project.

We make the shipments directly to work, correctly documented, with the aim of reducing your costs. Remember not we supply end customers, only professionals. Every step we take for your company, is a saving that increases the competitiveness of its offer.


Venalsol is associated with the Metallurgical Technological Institute, AIMME, which carries out verification and standardization activities in luminaires and adaptations required in some projects.


Associated to Sunreuse association, SCRAP of WEEE and PYA that guarantees a responsible management of the treatment of waste electrical, electronic, battery and accumulator equipment throughout the territory.
Nº RII-PYA: 3343 Nº RII- RAEE 3493


Associated with SUN REPACK, SCRAP packaging and packaging waste domestic, commercial and industrial ensuring management responsible for the treatment of all types of packaging and packaging waste.
Nº productor de envases: ENV/2023/000026302



Fast, reliable and at your disposal. CAD simulation programs for lighting provide excellent support for your projects are well documented. This tool ensures compliance with the regulations and expectations of your customers. Your tranquility is our goal: we realize your lighting projects.

We have plugins of our luminaires (Download LED IES) for different powers, tested in our own photometric laboratory. Know our laboratory.



Venalsol’s lighting, the greatest light comfort

The bad lighting in the workplace could cause accident, eyestrain and incident in the work activity. The Venalsol’s lighting, it’s the suitable luminaire. It supplies the most lighting comfort, because don’t produce shine, don’t flicker, don’t blind, don’t focalize and provide the best uniformity and chromatic recurrence.


Venalsol’s lighting, our target is your experience and satisfaction

Our engineers will take care your necessity in a personalized way; we’ll recommend the best technology depending on the installation type, in optimal operating condition We realized lighting evaluations with simulators and plugins of the lighting that are realized in the Spanish homologate laboratories.


Venalsol´s lighting, I+D+i technology

Obtaining the patent nº 201300347, investigated together whit Universidad Politecnica of Valencia. This collaboration guarantees a high technology knowledge that we supply. Efficiency and effective durability of our electronic guarantee the return of your investment and later saving and increment of your competitiveness. Your energy and maintenance costs will be reduced considerably.


Venalsol’s lighting traceability and quality control.

We realized strict control of traceability to all our lighting every one of components, which are verified and accepted following an exhaustive quality control by manufacturing lot. This is a crucial factor that guarantees the product durability: (Power stage by means of full wave bridge generator, filters, DVR, ceramic diode bridge and software, among other differentiations).

Our lighting is assembled by our technics in Spain depend the specifications of our clients and check in an individual way, keeping in mind factors like: power factor, power and harmonious (THDY, THDI). In the packing you can check the CQ Mark: operator and date.


Venalsol’s lighting, experience in big installations.

Our lighting projects generate a great visual impact, with more than a million of metre squared installed, which awaken interest around it: profitability, comfort and durability with a 5 years in operation.

We have been chosen in companies of global reference, with more than 5000 lights of high power in only one installation and with installation with 5 years in operation. Don’t take over the risk in your decision in middle or large term, chose Venalsol’s lighting.


Venalsol’s lighting, we combine the best technologies in their application.

The solution provided by Venalsol, guarantee greater efficiency and profitability in your installations, according to technics requirements.

Reliable and profitable for your necessities of medium and high power: the Venalsol’s lighting, it’s a mature technology, with experience and without surprise. Comfortable and reliable for medium and low power. Our Led lighting maximizes your comfort and profitability in offices and installation with requirement of minor power.