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LED luminaires up to 150lm / W

Different models, modern and traditional for rural areas.

With flow control systems by time zone.

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LED high bay with protection levels up to IP69K and NSF certificate.

Light colors with smooth surfaces where dust does not accumulate, and easy to clean.

Modern design that integrates elegantly in spaces with an influx of customers.

Different models of LED luminaires for low, high height and with anti-glare optics.

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LED lights for cultivation with hydroponic systems and organic sustenance of green leafy plants

Learn more about our innovation and development projects

for the agri-food sector next to the University (UPV)

With yields up to 2.5μmol / J.

Different light spectra, with options in 390nm (UV) and 730nm (infra-red).

Product warranty between 3 and 5 years depending on models.

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INDUSTRIAL LED applications

Medium and high power LED luminaires, with 5 years warranty and possibility of wireless tele-management or via DALI.

The best option to illuminate industrial buildings,
Handling areas, refrigeration chambers, ect.
The most efficient option for lighting corridors
between shelves, tripling the efficiency of
conventional led high bay.
Do not run out of light, integrated lighting system
emergency, 10W of light for 3 hours.
Wide range of LED floodlights and
high power, with which you can light
from industrial areas to
first division soccer fields.

Logistic warehouses, industrial production areas, gas stations,

Soccer fields, paddle and tennis courts, port areas, etc.

With leading SMD LEDs and real performances up to 150lm / W.

LED high bay specially designed to illuminate diaphanous areas or corridors between shelves.

Conventional and linear LED high bay and LED projectors, all with 5 years warranty.

LED high bay for open areas

LED high bay for warehouses

LED luminaires with emergency light

LED projectors designed for long life.

Can we help you

Venalsol Smart Light?

Your satisfaction is the most important.

We take care of each phase that leads us to offer you an LED luminaire with a guarantee of success:

Research and development.        • manufacture and supply.

LED technology is changing day by day. Depending on the design of the LED luminaire, its life is extended. Our LED luminaires are designed to provide the degree of durability and comfort you need in your facilities:

LED industrial lamps specially designed with an optical closure to illuminate the diaphanous areas. We also have the LED Design & Food, range, LED lamps with IP69K protection levels, designed for the food sector and commercial areas with an influx of public.

LED linear lights specifically designed for logistics warehouses, with asymmetrical optics to direct and focus light in areas where it is really needed, such as aisles between shelves, where we triple the light level compared to a lamp LED designed for open areas.

LED emergency lights, designed in the format of industrial LED lamps and in the linear LED lamp. These luminaires with integrated emergency lighting are completely autonomous and will provide you with 8W LED lighting for 3 hours in the event of a power failure or in case of fire, if this affects the electrical wiring in your area.

LED spotlights designed to meet all your needs, from low to medium power LED spotlights that we use for LED lighting of facades, tennis courts, paddle tennis, etc. High power LED spotlights that we use in port areas, mining extractions, football fields, etc.

LED street lamps for public lighting, our LED street lamps for public lighting or street lighting LED will meet all your needs, multiple optics for lighting depending on the region where they are installed. Our LED street lights can be programmed to operate at different lighting levels depending on the established time zone.

LED lighting for culture, we have a wide range of LED luminaires for cultivation, with different spectra of light depending on the plant that we want to illuminate with LEDs: fruits, vegetables or medicinal cannabis. Each LED luminaire model for cultivation has different light color spectra, whether for vegetative state or increased flowering and production. Our indoor LED luminaires are suitable for both greenhouses and culture cabinets.

Our technical assistance is impeccable.

We have for your attention:

Industrial engineers.
Electronics technicians.
telecommunications engineers.
Technicians in lighting studies.

Your satisfaction begins with our involvement from the beginning, our technicians are specialized in different fields of advanced lighting with LED technology..

This specialization in electronics, design, lighting studies and technical assistance will allow you to be professionally assisted in your needs, whether they are: industrial LED lighting, road LED lighting, LED lighting for sports fields or LED lighting for culture.

We have our own laboratory where we carry out photometric and electrical safety studies during LED luminaire design processes and subsequent quality control.

Our exhaustive quality controls are not limited to our laboratory. During the manufacturing process of our LED luminaires, strength tests are carried out on cardboard boxes, gaskets, welds, manufacturing requirements in batch mode, luminescence levels, currents, temperature , sealing, etc.

Your business needs the best.

Our LED luminaires are designed to meet the light levels and requirements of your business. The large reference plants have obtained the BREEAM certificate for sustainable construction..

Do not hesitate, our experience, our technical skills and our good work make available the best LED lighting for:

• LED lighting for industrial buildings.
• LED lighting for the food industry.
• LED lighting for cleaning and fermentation areas (IP69K).
• LED lighting for outdoor areas and perimeters.
• LED lighting for shops.
• LED lighting for logistics warehouses.
• LED lighting for commercial surfaces.
• LED lighting for sports facilities.
• LED lighting for harbor areas (saline environments).
• LED lighting for public lighting.
• LED lighting for growing in greenhouses or indoor cabinets.



Innovation and training.

In collaboration with the university, we study, design and apply technology to LED lighting.

We collaborate by training on LED technology in various training centers.


Greater involvement

Studies and after-sales.

We carry out without obligation a study in accordance with the requirements of UNE-102464.

Our technical support will help you to solve the difficulties during the installation.


Energy saving.

Wise choice.

A real economy should take into account the investment, intelligent control technology, durability and efficiency of the LED industrial luminaire..

A five-year warranty, intelligent remote management systems and a highly efficient SMD LED ensure energy and cost savings.


Quality and comfort.

Tecnología y controles CQ.

Selection of components and quality test during the manufacturing process with performance tests, sealing.

Operational checks prior to the supply of LED luminaires, in our logistics warehouses.


Hydroponic management system based on LED lighting for agri-food processes.

Bringing the future R&D

Venalsol Smart Light participates in the program for the promotion of research in the Valencian Community, together with the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Social commitment and R&D

Venalsol Smart Light considers the knowledge base as an important vector for talent acquisition. Therefore, for some years we have been actively collaborating with different training centers:

• With the University through research and development of technology applied to LED lighting and hydroponic cultivation.

• With vocational training institutes providing training and motivating the entrepreneurial spirit of students.


Awarded to Venalsol Smart Light
by the University (UPV) - 2015



Awarded to Venalsol Smart Light
by the IES Tirant Lo Blanc - 2019


Venalsol Smart Light
Engineering specialized in efficient lighting systems
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