For the Savings in street lighting trust one of the companies has opted for professionalization, innovation, differentiation and quality. Making important investments in its photometry and electrical safety laboratory , which guarantees the quality of the products offered and a rapid implementation of the technological advances in them.

Together with the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), we have carried out studies, developed and patented systems for these technologies: LED and electromagnetic induction .

According to the latest data, the average expenditure on public lighting in Spanish cities over the last five years has doubled to far exceed the barrier of 800 million euros. The allocation that local administrations or companies allocate to the payment of electricity and light is one of the most important among those that make up their annual budget. Reducing the amount of these fixed costs is a key to savings in street lighting of thousands of euros each year.

LED and magnetic induction luminaires allow customers who opt for them to achieve significant savings.

These solutions will make saving in public lighting easier. We are talking about ecological lamps , low consumption levels, high light comfort thanks to the chromatic performance of the light emitters that we select for our products and high power factor that, in addition, due to their great durability are amortized safely, and in a short time.

The facilities already made and reference (see installations), guarantee the satisfaction of their customers, having been installed even in Aragonese Pyrenees populations, with winter temperatures lower than -15ºC.

The installations made in sports courts, tennis and paddle have offered their users a great reduction in electricity consumption compared to metal halide projectors, a greater degree of lighting comfort, reducing the glare factor and allowing instant re-start. Its chromatic performance offers a high degree of perceived definition.

If you are not sure of the products in our catalog that best suit your needs, do not hesitate to ask for advice without commitment to the professionals that make up our workforce.

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