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Led panel 40W 60x60

Applications This LED panel is the ideal choice if you are looking for a panel with good features and minimum consumption. It has a widespread use in offices, shopping centers, hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, museums, as well as in homes and residences.

Led panel 72W 120x60

Applications It has a widespread use in hotels, restaurants, supermarket, exhibition centers, museum, residences, etc.

Led tube T8 (9 to 24 W)

Applications The led tube T8 is the ideal choice to replace conventional fluorescents, deleting the consumption generated by the ballasts, avoiding flicker and increasing energy savings and increasing durability.

Ultra-thin downlight (18w)

Applications Ideal for both commercial and domestic use: kitchens, bathrooms, shops, receptions of companies, offices, laboratories. LED downlights are ideal for spaces that demand high performance and long periods of continuous ignition.

Led Samsung downlight (25 to 40w)

Applications The led Samsung downlight is the ideal solution if you are looking for a recessed design spotlight, destined for great heights and with good benefits. Thanks to its high chromatic index rendering, this LED downlight has a widespread use in dealers, restaurants, supermarkets, stores, shopping centers, museums, etc., where it is extremely...

Led tri-proof (40w – 70w)

Led tri-proof with aluminium body Applications The design and characteristics of the LED tri-proof make it ideal for assemblies in a wide variety of facilities such as factories, warehouses, parking, tunnels, terraces ... as well as places with humidity.