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Led high bay CAL-D1 Controlled by DALI

Controllable by means of DALI protocol


The industrial high bay CAL-D1 is a dimerizable LED with superior thermal management, with a thermodynamic design and PCB that gives it the best uniformity and lowest temperature increase, providing a large margin of safety with respect to the junction temperature of the LED chip (Tj).

Your MEAN WELL series HBG-DA driver can be controlled by DALI protocol. The high bay has the data bus for this connection.

IES.jpg NF2L757DR Japanese technology with high efficiency and durability.


Optics 90º

Optics 120º

Turn it into a smart luminaire:


High efficiency and unformity

The LED solution technically well applied, excellent result for height requirements.

Energy savings and maintenance, thanks to our SMD Nichia Led technology and its intelligent Control.

ReferencePower (W)Color
N° Led PCBLumens
Work temperatureDimensions
Ax B (mm)
Weight (Kg)Driver
LED HIGH BAY DALI CAL8-100D1-XXx 100W 30-40-50 112 14000 -30 a 50°C 383 x 183 7.0 ± 0.3 2.2/~42 138/~6
LED HIGH BAY DALI CAL8-120D1-XXx 120W 30-40-50 140 16800 -30 a 50°C 383 x 183 7.0 ± 0.3 2.8/~42 140/~6
LED HIGH BAY DALI CAL8-150D1-XXx 150W 30-40-50 189 21000 -30 a 50°C 383 x 183 7.0 ± 0.3 3.4/~42 126/~6
LED HIGH BAY DALI CAL8-200D1-XXx 200W 30-40-50 252 28000 -30 a 50°C 383 x 193.5 7.9 ± 0.3 4.6/~42 128/~6
LED HIGH BAY DALI CAL8-240D1-XXx 240W 30-40-50 432 33600 -30 a 50°C 383 x 211 7.9 ± 0.3 5.2/~42 84/~6
*Actual efficiency of the light system according to optics (CCT=5000K 140Inn/W)± 5% depending on the color temperature.

Venalsol® - The best SMD product.

Thanks to this technology, our designers have excluded the use of COB LEDs, applying an excellent distribution of the SMD chip. The innovation that provides the most effective height result.

The most reliable design:
Its long life without maintenance is the added value of our LED chip, thanks to unbeatable temperature control. The use of high quality components makes it an excellent solution for extreme conditions.

Selection - Product and quality control.

The selection of the ideal product is essential to obtain the best financial result, and excellent lighting comfort in the medium and long term.

Own laboratory of electrical security: Tests like the EN55015 and EN61004-5, additional quality control in the supply of the electronic components implemented next to the LED chip.

Own photometry laboratory: Goniofotometer and integrating sphere with temperature control. A fast implementation of optics and control of durability in extreme conditions. Do not deal directly with the problem, ask for a photometric simulation for your installation. We will send you a detailed study, uniformity and lux levels. Technical sheets and IES upon request.

Amortization - Your investment.

The investment in the purchase of a quality LED solution can be recovered in a few months. Depending on the usage patterns, electricity prices and chosen smart control. These savings will continue for many years once the investment is amortized, with a product guarantee that will help you to be more competitive due to this energy saving in your costs.

Our technicians will study your needs, and offer you the solution that provides greater comfort and savings to your requirements.

IC options - Intelligent control.

The rationalization and intelligent use of energy, will provide up to 90% energy savings. The options of DALI, 1-10V, compensation by natural light of the level contributed, or presence control, make it an intelligent system.

Superior thermal management - Guarantee of useful life.

Its thermodynamic and PCB design gives it great uniformity and lower temperature increase, providing a greater margin of safety compared to the junction temperature of the LED chip.


Data sheet

LED efficiency
160lm/w - 5000K ±5%
Efficiency sys. brigh
Greater than 90%
100-277VAC 50-60Hz
Power factor
Union temperature (Tj)
Less than 75°C (Ta equal to 3°C)
Degree of protection
Optical protection level
More than 50000h. (LM70 & 30°C)
(A) 90º / (B) 120º