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Led Linear light LEN-MD Detec. Auto Dimable Movement

Detection from high altitude by microwave



The high bay led LEN-MD is a LED designed for self-managed through its own microwave movement radar. It can be configured to respond with different light levels,times and area of motion detection (50% to 100%).

This radar is not influenced by heat, and is ideal for applications where the use of the work area is intermittent, increasing savings energy up to 90% compared of the work area is intermittent, increasing savings energy up to 90% compared to a conventional LED.

IES.jpg NF2L757DR Japanese technology with high efficiency and durability.


Optics 30x70º

Optics 120º

Optics 90º

Optics 40x120º

Optics 50x90º

High bay linear led


Turn it into a smart luminaire:


High bay linear led lighting, specifically designed for aisle area between shelves: it provides greater energy savings and also, a higher level of brightness, because we vectorize the beam of light thanks to the use of specialized optics.

ReferencePower (W)DriverColor temperatureN° Led PCBLumens (Im)*Work temperatureDimensions
AxBxC (mm)
Weight (Kg)Driver
SMD LED (mA)/(V)
LED LINEAR HIGH BAY RADAR LAN8-100MD-XXx 100W Mean Well 30-40-50 128 13000 -30 a 50°C 137x587x102 3.9 ±0.3 1.9/~42 158/~6
LED LINEAR HIGH BAY RADAR LAN8-150MD-XXx 150W Mean Well 30-40-50 192 19500 -30 a 50°C 137x819x102 5.2 ±0.3 2.6/~42 162/~6
LED LINEAR HIGH BAY RADAR LAN8-200MD-XXx 200W Mean Well 30-40-50 256 26000 -30 a 50°C 137x1050x102 6.2 ±0.3 3.2/~42 160/~6
* Actual efficiency of the light system according to optics (CCT = 5000K 130 lm/W)± 5% depending on the color temperature.

The High bay linear LED are designed for installation in logistics centers and shops, they generate a rectangular lighting pattern that fits perfectly in the transit area.

It provides an efficient and intelligent solution for medium and high-rise lighting in corridor areas:
storage and product exposure.

No losses by reflectors

linear-high-bay led-c.jpg

Compared to traditional high bay led with COB chip or HID lamp, the linear high bay led saves between 60 and 90% of energy, thanks to its geometry, applied optics and the use of IC systems.This contributes to an intelligent use of energy resources.

A rational use helps to be more competitive.

Presence detection

Save up to 90%

The selection of an adequate optics according to the height and width of the corridors, in combination with the presence detection system, will reduce the energy consumption where it is not necessary.

Detection of presence up to 15 meters high.


Remote control

They can be controlled remotely: turn off, turn on, dim or increase the lighting using a smart phone. It allows the possibility of creating scenarios (opening, closing, visits, etc) of your trade or industry, or controlling them using a simple remote control.


Smart control IC modes


The light sensor works in combination with the Zigbee control system. If it detects enough ambient light, it attenuates or extinguishes a certain area.


In the combined mode:
If the ambient light varies, the lamps vary the light that they contribute until reaching the set brightness level.


In twilight mode:
If natural light falls below the set value, the lamps light up at the preselected level.


Presence detection:
If it is not detected for a while, we can turn it off completely or keep it at a preselected level.


Data sheet

LED efficiency
170lm/W - 5000K ±5%
Efficiency sys. brigh
MEAN WELL / SOSEN Dimerizable (1-10V)
100-277VAC 50-60Hz
Power factor
Union temperature (Tj)
Less than 75°C (Ta equal to 3°C)
Degree of protection
Optical protection level
More than 50000h. (LM70 & 30°C)
(a) 30x70° / (b) 120° / (c) 90° / (d) 40x120° / (e) 50x90º