AGRO L led linear high bay

High efficiency and intensity for floriculture

AGRO-L radiates little heat, allows to bring it closer to the sheet maximizing production. The P18 spectrum is used in floriculture, produces rapid germination and boosts vegetative growth and flow. It contains some green, beneficial for the quality of the flowers.

The P11 spectrum maximizes red and blue lights by improving the absorption of chlorophyll A and B with a balance of green wavelengths that allows a much deeper penetration of the canopy. Improves photosynthesis at all stages, from propagation to flowering.


AGRO-L The linear LED high bay for floriculture

• External driver, better heat dissipation.

• Weight of only 3 kg, light, easy to send and install.

• IP65 sealing level, with 5 years warranty.

• Ultra thin and ultralight thin linear profile design.

• Passive cooling, no fans needed to cool.

• Adjustable from 0 ~ 10V.

• Smooth surface without fins to accumulate dust, and easy to clean.
ReferencePower (W)Led spectrum compositionN° LedLuminous fluxTemperature
AxBxC (mm)
AGL-200T-18A 200W (P18) Samsung 4000K + Osram 660nm 660+40 460μMol/s 0 a 40°C 1025x90x73 3 ±0.2
AGL-200T-11A 200W (P11) Shineon STH3030 PL AL 525 460μMol/s 0 a 40°C 1025x90x73 3 ±0.2

The floriculture industry encompasses a wide variety of planting styles. From flowering plants in pots, to cut flowers.


AGRO-L is a linear LED high bay that gives us powerful lighting under control, intended for commercial cultivation of greenhouse flowers. Its high efficiency of up to 2.3μmol/J allows its proximity to the leaves and flowers without damaging them.



Its optimal LED AGRO-L linear high bay design makes the heat dissipation area larger, since its entire enclosure is made of aluminum. So heat dissipation is faster.

LED technology allows the AGRO-L luminaire to radiate much less heat than HPS lighting.

The lighting needs to vary according to the species and style of production, the light is a variable of growth and quality of the important production.


The AGRO-L linear high bay opens up new opportunities for each greenhouse producer to increase flower quality, yield and go into production throughout the year. LED lighting can shorten growth cycles, increase yields and allow more productive use of space.


The P18 spectrum is the optimal spectrum for floriculture, produces faster germination, better vegetative and flowering results.

In addition to the blue and red wavelengths, this spectrum contains some green that is beneficial for flower quality.


The P11 spectrum is a full light spectrum, maximizing the red and blue lights to allow the absorption of chlorophyll A and B with a balance of green wavelengths that allow a much deeper canopy penetration.

This spectrum promotes photosynthesis at all stages, from propagation to flowering.

Venalsol® - The best SMD product.

Through this technology our designers have ruled out the use of COB LEDs, applying an excellent distribution of the SMD chip. Innovation that provides the most efficient height result.

The most reliable design:
Our products have a long life without maintenance, being the added value of our LED chip thanks to an excellent temperature control. The use of high quality components makes it an excellent solution for extreme conditions.

Selection - Product and quality control.

The selection of the ideal product is essential to obtain an excellent productive performance which in turn will be the best financial result.

Own electrical safety laboratory: Tests such as EN55015 and EN61004-5, additional quality control in the supply of electronic components implemented next to the LED chip.

Own photometry laboratory: Through our goniophotometer and integrating sphere with temperature control we can perform a rapid implementation of optics and durability control in extreme conditions.

Amortization - Your investment.

The investment in the purchase of a quality LED solution can be recovered in a few months depending on the usage patterns and electricity prices. These savings will continue for many years once the investment is amortized, with a product guarantee that will help you be more competitive due to this energy saving in your costs.

Our technicians will study your needs, and offer you the solution that brings greater comfort and savings to your requirements.

IC options - Smart control.

The rationalization and intelligent use of energy will provide up to 90% energy savings. The 0-10Vcc option makes it an intelligent system.

Superior thermal management - Lifetime warranty.

Its thermodynamic and PCB design gives it a great uniformity and lower temperature increase, providing a greater margin of safety with respect to the junction temperature of the LED chip.

Data sheet

Shineon / Samsung + OSRAM
Efficiency sys. brigh
2.3μMol/J(± 5%)(400-700nm)
Inventronics EUD-200 Adjustable (0-10Vcc)
100-277VAC 50-60Hz
Power factor
Greater than 0.95
Degree of protection
Optical protection level