LED Street Light

SOLENS® series

Energy labelling B

Perfect for street lighting.

LED Street Light with real light efficiency of the 160lm/W light system, chromatic performance Ra>70 and with tempered glass optical group IK09. Smooth surface aluminum alloy body, which prevents the accumulation of dirt, dust, sand or other materials and carries a finish with grey anodized paint.

It allows its easy installation in both horizontal and vertical insertion rods, and incorporates a level instrument for correct adjustment to the horizontal plane, being able to vary its inclination 15 degrees once leveled. With 6KV electrical protection between phase - neutral and 10KV between line-to-ground. LED Street Light with timer integrated in the same driver that allows the programming of five light flow levels, self-adjusting percentage according to the lighting time slot of the LED luminaires.


- LED street lighting.

- LED lighting chalets.

- LED lighting paths.

- Lighting LED highways.

- LED lighting on roads.

- LED lighting roundabouts.

- LED lighting squares.

- LED garden lighting.

- LED lighting walks.

- LED lighting bridges.

- LED lighting beaches.

- LED lighting parks.

- Lighting LED parkings.

- LED lighting residential areas.

- LED lighting pedestrian areas.

- Bike path lighting.

- Outdoor LED lighting.

guarantee 5 years

Design, efficiency and uniformity


The Solens® LED Street light is the technically well-applied LED solution, which offers an excellent result for public lighting.

With Solens® LED Street light, you will save energy and maintenance thanks to our Nichia Led SMD technology and its time control module.

ReferencePower (W)Color temperature (K)N° Led PCBLumens (Im)*Work temperatureDimensions AxBxC (mm)Weight (Kg)
LED STREET LIGHT SLN20030XXX0101 30W 30-40-50 77 4800 -30 to 50°C 479x236x236 3.5kg ±0.3kg
LED STREET LIGHT SLN200540XXX0101 40W 30-40-50 90 6400 -30 to 50°C 479x236x236 3.5kg ±0.3kg
LED STREET LIGHT SLN20060XXX0101 60W 30-40-50 126 9600 -30 to 50°C 580x236x236 4.5kg ±0.3kg
LED STREET LIGHT SLN20075XXX0101 75W 30-40-50 156 12000 -30 to 50°C 580x236x236 4.5kg ±0.3kg
LED STREET LIGHT SLN200100XXX0101 100W 30-40-50 192 16000 -30 to 50°C 580x236x236 4.5kg ±0.3kg
LED STREET LIGHT SLN200120XXX0101 120W 30-40-50 234 19200 -30 to 50°C 650x280x236 6.0kg ±0.3kg
LED STREET LIGHT SLN200150XXX0101 150W 30-40-50 276 24000 -30 to 50°C 650x280x236 6.0kg ±0.3kg
*Actual efficiency of the light system according to optics ( CCT=4000K 160 Im/W)± 5% depending on the color temperature.
Color temperature
LED Street light in vertical staff


The LED street light Solens‍® is a solution designed specifically for street lighting. It is the perfect alternative to the old streetlights discharge, halide, sodium vapor, etc. significantly improving the quality of and drastically reducing energy consumption.

This innovative LED street light instantly turns on thanks to the latest SMD Nichia LED technology generation, which provides you with exceptional efficiency, 160lm/W. Its high quality finish and excellent performance make the LED street light Solens‍® suitable for a wide range of applications, either in roads or in the streets of the city.


The LED street light Solens‍® is made of top quality AD12 aluminum alloy, which does not only guarantees resistance, but also lightness and efficient thermal conduction. It is finished by means of a powder coating that provides additional protection against atmospheric and abrasive agents, improving the performance and service life of the road luminaire. In addition, its anti-corrosive treatment ensures exceptional durability while maintaining its structural integrity over time. This LED street light stands out for its IP66 protection level, ensuring total protection against dust and water resistance even in adverse weather conditions.

These technical characteristics, ergonomic design and construction materials allow the LED street light Solens‍® to improve visibility and safety of citizens in road environments.

LED Street light in horizontal base
Top view LED Street light


The LED street light Solens‍® incorporates a driver of the brand Inventronics, a model used especially for the street lighting. This driver offers exceptional reliability and flexibility, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency of the LEDs. It has protection against humidity, vibration and extreme temperatures, ensuring maximum durability. In addition, includes 6KV electrical protection between phase - neutral and 10KV between line-to-ground.

The Inventronics driver of this LED street light offers an innovative time control system, based on 5 phases of regulation by percentages. It has the capacity of personalized programming according to the needs of the client, allowing adjustments and modifications to meet the specifications of each municipality or municipality. This intelligent approach not only optimizes light performance, but also significantly reduces energy consumption, offering a sustainable solution adaptable to the specific demands of each urban environment.

LED Street light in vertical column


The angle of inclination of the LED street light can be adjusted with great precision, you just need to change the inclination with a range of 15°, providing a high degree of safety during installation. Its horizontal and vertical mounting bracket, is suitable for different light poles.

Dimensions LED Street light on horizontal pole


The LED street light Solens® series‍ has been carefully designed with needs in mind during tasks installation and maintenance of the luminaire.

It incorporates the necessary systems and accessories to be able to adjust and obtain the result provided by the light studies carried out.

The LED street light Solens® series has different options and accessories designed to simplify and facilitate installation. These accessories are especially useful in places where it is necessary to adapt the anchor point to the different column dimensions.

32mm Rod for LED street light

Ø rod 32mm

42mm Rod for LED street light

Ø rod 42mm

60mm Rod for LED street light

Ø rod 60mm
(Standard Model)

76mm Rod for LED street light

Ø rod 76mm

Accessories for adjustment of the fixing point

A prominent feature of our LED street light is its versatility in installation as it can fit a variety of attachment points. This means you can choose from options like double arms, angled arms 90 degree, corner brackets and more. This flexibility allows you to optimally install the LED street light in different environments and locations, ensuring efficient and effective lighting. Whether you need illuminate a street, a park or any other public or private space, our LED street light series Solens‍ adapts to the specific needs of each installation.

Double arm for LED street light
Arm 90° for LED street light
Corner Bracket for LED street light


The LED street light Solens® series‍ has been designed with advanced LED technology, combining multiple optics tempered glass with a polycarbonate optical lens that offers exceptional protection against impacts, reaching a level IK09. This feature gives this road luminaire high shock resistance and ensures a level of visibility optimal, even in challenging urban environments. The inclusion of multiple tempered glass optics ensures a uniform light dispersion and efficient distribution in the road environment, significantly improving the safety on roads and streets.

OPTICS 50x150° Optical photometry 50x150°

OPTICS 75x155° Optical photometry 75x155°

OPTICS 75x150° Optical photometry 75x150°

OPTICS 150° Optical photometry 150°


From Venalsol Smart Light, we carry out light studies for all types of places, such as an urban street with included roundabout illuminated by our LED Street lights. The study is done with a program able to simulate the scene to illuminate in 3D, thus being able to provide the best possible solution to our customers.


Lighting study 1 for LED street light
Lighting study 2 for LED street light

Venalsol® - The best SMD product.

Thanks to this technology, our designers have excluded the use of COB LEDs, applying an excellent distribution of the SMD chip. The innovation that provides the most effective height result.

The most reliable design:
Its long life without maintenance is the added value of our LED chip, thanks to unbeatable temperature control. The use of high quality components makes it an excellent solution for extreme conditions.

Selection - Product and quality control.

The selection of the ideal product is essential to obtain the best financial result, and excellent lighting comfort in the medium and long term.

Own laboratory of electrical security: Tests like the EN55015 and EN61004-5, additional quality control in the supply of the electronic components implemented next to the LED chip.

Own photometry laboratory: Goniofotometer and integrating sphere with temperature control. A fast implementation of optics and control of durability in extreme conditions. Do not deal directly with the problem, ask for a photometric simulation for your installation. We will send you a detailed study, uniformity and lux levels. Technical sheets and IES upon request.

Amortization - Your investment.

The investment in the purchase of a quality LED solution can be recovered in a few months. Depending on the usage patterns, electricity prices and chosen smart control. These savings will continue for many years once the investment is amortized, with a product guarantee that will help you to be more competitive due to this energy saving in your costs.

Our technicians will study your needs, and offer you the solution that provides greater comfort and savings to your requirements.

IC options - Intelligent control.

The rationalization and intelligent use of energy will provide up to 80% of energy savings compared to traditional technologies.

The flow reduction systems by time zone that have the luminaires incorporated into their drivers will automate the level of light so that energy savings are increased. In addition to promoting the fulfillment of Royal Decree RD 1890/2008 RD 1890/2008 of November 14.


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Data sheet

LED efficiency
200lm/W - 4000K ±5%
Efficiency sys. brigh
Greater than 90%
100-277 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power factor
Greater than 0.94
Greater than Ra70
Degree of protection
Optical protection level
More Than 100000h. (LM70 & 25°C)
50x150º / 75x155º / 75x150º / 150º
Control mode
Timer with flow reduction