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Venalsol Smart Light

SCIENCE is the best guarantee of success, progress and viability. Specialists in what we market: innovation, research, development and manufacturing.


The Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports (DOGV No. 8137, of September 28) granted the grant of the program for the promotion of scientific research, technological development and innovation in the Valencian Community, for the realization of works of research staff in companies of the Valencian Community.

With what was launched together with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the research project:

Hydroponic management system based on LED lighting for agrifood processes


Wireless sensor network

1 - Node sensor T, Moisture of the support (Arlita / rock wool)
2 - Node sensor T, ambient RH
3 - PH peristaltic pump nodes - NUTRIENTES
4 - Node PH, EC, TEMPERATURE (water)
5 - Luminaire control node
6 - Node control valves (water)
7 - Water level sensor node
8 - Central control node

  • 1 - Know the needs well.
  • 2 - Conduct a study with a scientific basis, maintaining control of all parameters.
  • 3 - Design and select the best solution.
  • 4 - Marketing with guarantees of success.